Carabiner Clip – a Versatile Tool That Parents Need

Rock climbers have long hailed the beloved carbine, a tool unmatched in versatility. But did you know that it is also a staple product of the kids registry? About 10 years ago, some marketing genius took the ubiquitous metal clip and renamed it the awful name: “Mommy Hook . What It Is: Uh, still just a big carabiner clip. What he can do for parents: So much, actually! If you have one of these things – whether you call it by your mom’s name or not – here are some ways you can use it to make your life a little easier:

  • Hangar for strollers or shopping trolleys: open the clip, slip on bags and wallets, and hook them onto the handles. (Just make sure the weight does not cause the stroller to tip over backwards.) In crowded places, when tied to the stroller, it can also serve as a handle for small children to stay close to.
  • Highchair Hook: When you want to remove suitcases from the floor in restaurants.
  • Toilet Stall Assistant: If you have a diaper bag, jacket, and other items, you can attach them all to the clip and hang them on the door hook so that none of your belongings touch the dirty floor.
  • Grocery bag holder: This allows you to comfortably hold multiple bags without the handles getting in your hands. Great for when you have a baby on one arm and would rather carry 25 pounds in the other than do multiple trips.
  • Wardrobe organizer: Hang the toy bags on the closet bar.

Throw one (or more) of these in your bag for easy access, or if you want to look tough, attach them to your belt loop. You might not be bouldering, but you’re in the rocky mountains of motherhood and it’s still cool.


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