How to Control Sonos Speakers With the Pandora App

Pandora’s finely tuned internet radio playlists and Sonos wireless speakers should be perfect choices, but to this day the two products have not quite got along well. Now the two companies are teaming up to bring the best of Pandora to Sonos (and vice versa).

Pandora announced a new partnership this week, introducing several new features that should make your life a lot easier if you’re using a streaming service and have a Sonos speaker.

Everything new you can do with Sonos and Pandora

Once updated, you can control your Sonos speakers directly from the Pandora app. Not only can you play music from the Pandora app, you can also use it to group and ungroup your speakers, move music from one room to another, increase or decrease the volume, etc. This should help you enjoy your favorite music without constantly switching between apps. …

You can also control Pandora on Sonos with your voice using Amazon Alexa – provided you have a new Sonos One or your speaker is connected to another Echo device. Or you can just let a friend take over the DJ duties using the Pandora app on their own phone, as long as it’s connected to your Wi-Fi.

As part of the update, Sonos is also adding support for Pandora Premium , which allows you to listen to songs and albums on demand (like Spotify or Apple Music). Until now, the company’s speakers only supported Pandora’s auto-generated radio-style playlists. This is good news for those who prefer to choose each song for themselves rather than relying on the company’s sometimes shaky algorithm.


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