The Secret Behind This Towering, Fluffy Pancake Is Mayonnaise.

I need to do this beforehand: mayonnaise is made up mostly of eggs and butter. You will be scared here, but remember: eggs and butter.

With that in mind, I would suggest that you try making pancakes – yes, sweet ones, like maple syrup – with mayonnaise.

The brave folks at Food52 tried out the popular Japanese pancake recipe with mayonnaise and seltzer in the ingredients list. The recipe procedure is also non-standard compared to American pancakes: you mix eggs, seltzer water and mayonnaise in the same pan in which the pancakes are made, and then add flour, cooking it over low heat.

The result is a tall biscuit pancake with a tinge of astringency. It goes well with syrup as well as fruit. And did I mention you mess up zero bowls in the process?

Then cook for dinner fried mayonnaise on the cheese on the grill .

I Tried It: Very Fluffy Pancakes Thanks To A Secret Japanese Ingredient | Food52


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