Use Google Assistant Like Shazam to Identify Songs

We’ve all used Shazam for years to find out what song is playing at our local bar. Now you can get the same thing right on Google. This week Google added a new music search feature to Google Assistant (it has been on Google Now for a while now). With it, you can say, “Ok Google, what is this song?” and get information about what may be happening around you.

Results include song title and artist, lyrics, and links to stream the ringtone to YouTube, Spotify, and Google Music.

Like Shazam, it seems like it only works with recorded music, so you can’t name a song from this cover band if it literally doesn’t look like the real thing.

It also doesn’t seem to work for everyone. For example, he was unable to identify a few of the Avett Brothers songs that I threw to him, but he was able to identify “Oops, I Did It Again” in less than a second.

The Pixel 2 already had the ability to passively listen to music and detect what was playing. This feature requires listening for about a minute. Pixel owners will still have this exclusive feature, but they can also take advantage of Google Assistant’s song recognition feature.

Siri has had Shazam integration since iOS 8.


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