Don’t Be Afraid to Cook This Giant Cinnamon Bun

Everyone knows that cinnamon rolls are a delicious treat. This recipe suggests … maybe they should be bigger? I mean, much more. It is possible, and to be honest, it is wonderful too.

The evil geniuses at Taste – I have to recognize Kelly Coneboy here by name, God bless her – have set out to make the biggest cinnamon bun possible in a regular home kitchen. This requires a 16-inch baking dish , a worktop the size of a kitchen counter, and just 14 cups of flour. It’s time consuming and messy, but the results are impressive.

The description is as delicious as the results of the recipe, so I highly recommend you indulge yourself and go read it , even if that baked hippo isn’t on your cards. But if you take on this project, please tell us in the comments how it is going.

And for all of us, Sam’s Club sells a three-pound cinnamon roll for $ 5. It’s about the size of a cake, not a car tire, but you can probably stack a few on top of each other if you need to.

Mission: Make an Extra Large Cinnamon Roll | Taste


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