You May Hate IPA Because You Are a Super Taster

Many people enjoy having a few hop beers like Indian Pale Ale after a long week, but not super-tasters. In fact, they generally have a hard time tolerating the taste of beer. If this sounds familiar, you may be a super taster yourself.

According to Dr.Robert DeSall , curator of entomology at the Institute for Comparative Genomics. Sackler at the American Museum of Natural History, people are divided into three main categories of tasters: tasters make up about 25% of the population; normal tasters make up about half of the population; and super-tasters make up the last 25%. “These super-tasters experience all tastes much more strongly than others, and the influence of different flavors is amplified for them,” explains DeSall of Nautilus . If, for example, something sweet, then the supertaster will be very sweet.

This means bitter drinks like beer, especially IPAs, are very bitter for those who love super runs. The strong hop aroma and alcohol flavor are unbearable. When it comes to other spirits like liqueur, tasters can’t handle the burn either. And if you are an incredibly small group of extreme tasters (less than 1% of the population), even lighter beers like lagers are often too bitter to “taste.” So if you’re intolerant of IPA but can sip on lighter beers, you might be a super taster. If you like them all, join the Regular Taster Club. We have jackets. You can read more about super-tasters at the link below.

How to tell if you are a super taster “wiki useful Nautilus


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