What Utility Applications Do You Install on Each New Computer?

Everyone knows a few programs that can be added to a new computer: Chrome, Spotify, Dropbox, some work apps like Excel or Photoshop. But many of us also have our favorite helper applications and utilities for customizing our workflow.

I have a whole bunch of helper applications like Freedom to block social sites when I need to work;Boom , to increase the volume on a laptop; and Bartender , a menu bar app for sorting all my menu bar apps. During the first few weeks on a new computer, I eventually added all of them.

But I can’t get through more than a day without Keyboard Maestro , a powerful Mac automaton that assigns tasks to keyboard shortcuts. I have a lot of text workflows and use Keyboard Maestro to fill out forms, run searches, make my editors errors in Slack, and respond to predictable emails with just a few keystrokes. The shortcuts I choose are as carefully cut into my brain as the cut and paste shortcuts.

What support applications do you need once you get your new computer? What “fixes” your PC or Mac? Give us the link and we can all enjoy them too.


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