Various Ways to Use the Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are a great way to keep knives ready, of course, but they are also useful for keeping other household items in place and gripping them comfortably. (That is, assuming they contain a lot of metal, such as drills or paper clips.) The following are other strategies for using magnetic tape for knives in the bathroom, office, workshop, and kitchen.

  • Stationery: hang scissors and collect the spare paper clips and paper clips.
  • Brushes : Especially useful if you have freshly washed brushes that need to be dried.
  • Toolbox : Hold drills, pliers, saws and more on an easy-to-view display.
  • Under cabinet or counter : for storing keys and spice jars with metal lids.
  • Makeup brushes : Easy to pick up the one you want. Also useful for drying brushes in the shape they should be (be sure to hang with the brush end down). Of course, this only works if you have enough metal on your brushes, although you can always glue a small magnet or attach something metallic to the handle.
  • Bathroom nuisances: Keep your counters away from hairpins, hairpins, nail clippers, and more.
  • Large kitchen utensils : ladles and other serving utensils no longer need to inconveniently take up space in the drawer.
  • Store your pot lids and food processor blades to keep your cabinets tidy, and you don’t have to look for a suitable lid or risk cutting yourself with an accidental food processor blade.


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