How to Unlock IPhone X While Lying in Bed

Face ID , the new face-scanning security camera introduced in the iPhone X , works pretty flawlessly most of the time . But there is one place where Apple’s latest technology can get you in trouble: in bed.

A recent Reddit thread ( tagged BGR ) revealed that several people were having trouble unlocking their new smartphone while they were still in bed. One iPhone X owner suggested that the pillow covering the face might be the problem, but the solution turned out to be even simpler.

How to unlock iPhone X in bed

The problem isn’t the position of your face, but the way you hold your iPhone. That’s because Face ID doesn’t work if the camera is too close to you. According to Apple, to get an accurate scan, he should be at a distance of 10-20 inches from your face.

This is usually not a problem, as most people hold their phone in front of them at about that distance, but using an iPhone in bed is a different matter entirely. You can move the device closer because you usually wear glasses or contact lenses but haven’t put them on yet, or maybe you’ve just woken up and your vision is a little blurry. Either way, your natural instinct is probably to keep the screen right in front of your face, but that won’t work with Face ID.

It can be a little annoying to get used to, but it’s probably for the best. Holding your smartphone too close to your face can lead to eye strain and even headaches , according to one study . So in this case, perhaps Apple knows better.


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