Try This “circle Method” to Get Your Child to Burp.

One thing that shocked me about the new fatherhood is how much time you spend begging another person for gasoline. Burping was not one of my daughter’s strengths – I often spent half an hour in the middle of the night patting her back after feeding, waiting for that burp of fame that never came. In the end, my pediatrician told me sweet, gentle words: “If she doesn’t feel uncomfortable, don’t worry about it!” That’s all.

Of course, this is often obvious when the baby really needs to burp – he will fuss, cry and moan – and sometimes the classic patting and rubbing method just doesn’t help. On one of my parent Facebook groups, many moms and dads report success using this circle technique, demonstrated in the video above by a dad named Dean Ferraro.

You place the baby’s bottom on your thigh and very carefully hold it by the chin with one hand and by the back of the skull with the other. Then you rotate his body in a circle as if he were performingaNa’viritual . As Ferraro notes in the video, the movement “uses the abdominal muscles, so he squeezes himself.” Everything you do is to make the process easier. You can also wiggle your hip to release excess air.

This method may not work for every child, but when you’re desperate for a big burp to appear so everyone can get some rest, it’s a must-have in your toolbox.


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