If You Have Small Children, Park Next to the Shopping Carts

Parents of young children, you may know this as the Solution. After buying milk, a string of cheese, and soft toddler bags in tow, you walk back to your car and realize: shit . What should I do with this shopping cart? Should I leave the kids in the car for 23 seconds (which is illegal, don’t make me start), or will I bring them with me to the receiver for return, only to get them out of it and dangerously Frogger our way through the busy parking lot back to the car? Or should I be the asshole who recklessly dumps the cart next to the car?

Solution next time: Park next to the shopping carts. You probably have a good chance of capturing this place as most other people do not want their cars to be around for fear that the carts on carts are out of control. (As for your own car, it probably did worse.)

If you can’t find a place there, it’s inconvenient, but you still have to do your best to be a decent citizen returning with a shopping trolley, unless there might be a heavy downpour or something else that makes it extremely difficult. … Tag a member of staff to help if you meet one. It is helpful for children to learn at an early age that we must always put things back in their proper place.


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