You Can Now Compare Phone Specs With a Quick Google Search

Looking for a new phone? Google just made it easier to determine which one you should buy.

As The Next Web reports , now when you’re looking for something like “Note 8 vs iPhone X,” the search engine displays a table that compares the specs of both devices and offers customer reviews for both.

Initially, the results are presented as a small chart at the top of the search results page with information such as the phone’s release date, storage capacity, and available colors. You can click on the down arrow at the bottom of the window to expand the diagram and see more information. As with any search, the top news related to your search will be shown below the chart, followed by other search results.

Should you buy a phone based on its specs alone? Absolutely not. You should definitely read some of the other search results. However, the list can make it easier to compare some basic things like storage space and screen size.


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