Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade Before the End of the Year

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade Program was discontinued for the general public last July, but you can still get a free upgrade to Windows 10 if you’re a user of the company’s assistive technology . Luckily, Microsoft’s definition of the term is pretty broad, which means that if you rely on features like closed captioning (or even keyboard shortcuts), you’re still eligible for a free upgrade. Offer ends December 31st.

How to update

Updating is a fairly straightforward process. Visit Microsoft’s Upgrade to Windows 10 page and click the Upgrade Now button to download the Upgrade Assistant to your device. Launch the program, follow the instructions on the screen, and you will have a working version of Windows 10 on your computer.

You may have been wary of upgrading your Windows PC to Windows 10 in the past, but since its 2015 release, the OS has received its fair share of media-focused updates and bug fixes. The latest major update, Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update , adds support for mixed reality and the Mixed Reality Viewer app to the operating system’s list of features. This means you can pair your compatible PC with a mixed reality headset and use the immersive environment to enjoy interactive entertainment (or get some work done).

You are probably already using “assistive technology”

You may not have a visual or hearing impairment, but if you use assistive technologies such as the Loupe tool , dictate how to write documents using speech recognition , or even Windows digital assistant, Cortana, you are eligible for the update. Heck, even keyboard shortcuts fall under assistive technology, meaning anyone who has used CTRL-C and CTRL-V is technically eligible for a free upgrade.

Microsoft invites you to check with an assistive technology manufacturer to make sure their hardware and software is compatible with Windows 10, and will provide you with a list of the most popular assistive technology companies offering.

If you’re still not convinced (or hate keyboard shortcuts), the updater’s FAQ section implies that while the update is intended for use by users using assistive technology to navigate their PC, it won’t stop anyone . from renewal if they do not use assistive technology. So … come on.


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