What Do You Love (or Hate) About the IPhone X?

The recently launched iPhone X represents a pretty radical shift in the way iOS users interact with their smartphone from the moment they pick it up . It has a large screen, face scanning technology, and a couple of cameras designed to make your subjects stand out without taking your fancy camera with you.

But not everything about the iPhone X is a step in the right direction, depending on who you ask. First, there is no longer a Home button – instead, the X uses the new Face ID technology as its login method. This bright 5.8-inch OLED screen has a notch at the top, which means that some apps, as well as every video you watch on the device, will have a black bar on the side (unless you manually resize the video). Plus, a glass-coated smartphone will set you back a pretty penny when it comes to refurbishment.

So, iPhone X owners: what do you love about your iPhone X? What do you hate? While a face-scanning, bokeh-enabled device of the future sounds great, it seems to run into a few hurdles when faced with the reality of, well, normal people. What annoys you the most about a new smartphone? And what can’t you live without now that a thousand dollar phone is yours?


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