How to Prevent Your IPhone From Auto-Correcting “i” to “A”

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 11.1, you may have noticed a strange bug: Your iPhone or iPad automatically corrects the letter i to an A with a strange symbol next to it.

This is annoying, makes typing difficult, and is a known issue that Apple is working on fixing. In the meantime, Apple has created a support page for a quick workaround to fix it with text replacement.

To configure, you need to first go to the “Settings” menu on your device, then “General”, then “Keyboard” and then “Text replacement”.

From there, hit the + sign and then enter the uppercase “I” as the phrase and the lowercase “i” as the shortcut.

When you’re done, when you enter i, your device will automatically replace it with I again.

Apple plans to fix the problem in a future software update.


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