Lazy Jar Makes You Pay (Literally) to Skip Workouts

We all probably need to train harder, but getting motivated to do this can sometimes be a little … difficult.

This is where Lazy Jar hopes to come in. The new app pairs with your FitBit and charges you money every time you miss your weekly workout goals. This isn’t the first app to have this idea – apps like GymPact will charge you if you miss your goals and reward you for it. The difference is that the only reward is your fitness. If you lose this money, you will never see it again.

But it’s good. GymPact (later called simply Pact) has been known to burn out because more people achieved their goals (perhaps some due to scams) than they lacked, so they ended up owing about $ 1 million that actually couldn’t pay off.

With Lazy Jar, you must complete a 6-month program in which you reach a specific goal in steps, miles, calories and minutes of activity per week. Then you decide how much you are willing to pay if you don’t get there.

The key is to create something realistic. I personally would love it if I did 30 miles a week, but that’s more of a “big week” goal than something I can (or probably should) achieve every week for six months.

Lazy Jar takes a $ 30 refundable deposit at the start of those 6 months, which you get back whether or not you hit your goals as long as you stick with the program and try hard.

As for the weekly fines, this amount is up to you. Setting a loss of $ 1 per week could potentially return you $ 26 over six months, while $ 5 per week could equate to a 6 month loss of $ 130.

Lazy Jar donates 80% of your losses to charity (now St. Jude’s Hospital) and uses 20% to keep the app running.

If you need an extra boost, this could be an interesting app. Alternatively, create your own lazy bank at home and save money there if you miss your goals. It can be a little tricky, but in the end you can donate money wherever you want.


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