Restaurant Staff, What Do You Want Customers to Know About Your Work?

I believe that everyone will have to work in a restaurant at some point in order to know what it is like, but that will never happen. So let’s explain the lesser known pros and cons of the food service industry. If you work in a restaurant or have worked in the past, what are the things that you think could make your life a little easier that customers would know?

As a former assistant waiter, I hate to see people being rude to anyone in the food service industry. I know people aren’t going to be rude most of the time, but it still makes me maddeningly angry. I suppose if they ever worked behind the counter, drove around tables, or waited for assholes all day, they would know better. So let’s educate people who have never worked in the catering industry so that they better understand what the other side is like and why things work the way they do. For example, let’s explain things like why setting up orders can be so difficult, why restaurants have sections and how they work (no, you can’t sit instead!), Why servers ask if you’ve eaten with them before, why sharing checks can be difficult, why big parties have automatic tips, why it takes a wait time to sit down even if there are open tables, etc.

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