How to Prepare Your Child for Daylight Saving Time

For many people, the end of daylight saving time this weekend means a lovely extra hour of Zzzs. But for parents of young children who live on the Schedule, it means panic. Because if your little ones usually wake up at 5:45 am, now they wake up at the bloody hour of 4:45 am, emitting their mood, and you – in search of more coffee.

Here are some ways to make the impending change of time easier for everyone:

  • Gradually shift your sleep time and bedtime. For a week or so, shift your bedtime 10-15 minutes every night or two until you are back on your schedule. (For example, if they usually go to bed at 7:00 pm, have them go to bed at 7:15 am on Thursday, at 7:30 am on Friday, at 7:45 am on Saturday, and by the time school day is Monday they will return to the schedule.) You can start this process even if the time change has already occurred.
  • Control the light. Buy tinted shades to keep your kids room from screaming “Time to wake up!” when it isn’t.
  • Practice good sleeping habits. Neither children nor adults are adapted to the changes in our circadian rhythm, so it’s important to do our best to sleep better . This means regular exercise, meditation before bed, and no distractions at night. Children are particularly vulnerable to sleep disturbances due to screen time, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics . The researchers recommend limiting children’s media use an hour before bed and removing all electronic media, including tablets, televisions, and phones, from their bedrooms.


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