Best Hacks in Las Vegas From Our Readers

Las Vegas may be the most hacked city in the country. If you google travel tips, by the time you hit I’m Lucky, you’ll have free whiskey and twenty dollars on slot machines. Well, now another city guide has appeared on the Internet, named after the concept of sin. This week in Hack Your City, we asked Lifehacker readers for Vegas tips . Here are the greatest hits.

Where to go


First, avoid eating before meals:

A few more Chinatown offerings from fieldday to Sunday (who also love a slice of white at Cosmos’s Secret Pizza .

Head to Chinatown for some food. Cancer is worth all the reviews it deserves. Place your order a week before. Alternatively, head to Golden Tiki before or after for an awesome cocktail with the Dole whip.

Reader apocryphal adds more restaurants in Chinatown: Chada Thai, Sweets Raku and Monta Noodle House. “Also Forte, for Russian and Eastern European tapas, especially for beef stroganoff. Drink the gypsy juice carefully … “

And here’s Alex , a free ad for your sister’s ice cream parlor:

If you find yourself in Chinatown, Spring Mountain has some great little ice cream (yes, Chinatown ice cream) like Arville. Very reasonably priced. Shameless fork – it belongs to my daughter-in-law. But take Uber. Parking is ridiculous and there is an 80% chance of colliding with the Civic.

Or stay on the Strip:

Mixeddrinks : “Venetian Bouchon is what I need for me. Their foie gras are worth the money, the portion may be small but you don’t have to gorge on it, there are plenty of other eateries to fill up later. Try the products on their Et de plus and try something else that is even cheaper, but not worse. “

Suzapaluza has a steak tip : “It used to be on their ‘secret’ menu, but finally they just put it out: a special steak on Ellis Island in Koval. Very cheap and I suspect it might be horse meat, but hey, where else can you buy it for just $ 7.95? Dig! “

Other restaurants via BoxingNerd :

Vegas has a very large Pacific Islander community, so make some great Hawaiian food. Ross Jay at Henderson is my favorite place in Hawaii. For a late night snack, head to a California hotel for oxtail soup (a really popular place to sober up). I cannot recommend enough to try Bachi Burger.

Lifehacker has been around for a while, but you can still try this tricky reservation trick:

If you feel bad, you can always call and cancel any unused reservations.


You can drink a lot for free by playing slot machines or gambling at the casino bar. But Suzapalooza offers some real drinking establishments: “The best bars on the Strip: Frankie’s Tiki Room in Charleston, next to UMC, and Herbs and Rye in the Sahara. Also fun – atomic spirits on Fremont Street “

Share the difference with cheap beer:

And if you’re over 30 but still want to be in a club:


You can play Vegas even before you leave the airport. But we have a couple more tips.

To maximize your chances, some readers recommend that you get off the lane where the rules actually provide for more free slots. Just move to Fremont Street and your money will last longer.

Learn Craps in Sam’s Town, says it’s porcupine, not poop . It’s like swing dancing lessons for your money:

Sam’s Town, away from the strip, a bit of a redneck, has an hour-long dice lesson that they offer twice a day on Fridays (maybe other days as well?). The dealer tells you directly which bets make sense and which are a waste of money, and you end up with $ 40 per match. Not so bad.


You don’t have to hang out in a casino to have fun. You could ride the Ferris wheel:

Have a drink and watch people bungee jumping in the Stratosphere:

Take a look at the gruesome Mafia Museum:

Or just admire the casino from the outside:

We’ve got some good references to the video game Fallout: New Vegas , but ” It’s a porcupine, not poop” has a heartfelt tip: “Check out some of the Fallout: New Vegas sites. It’s amazing how many locations are in the real world. “

I’m in love with the helpful route from a Sprzout reader. I would watch this low-key version of Honeymoon in Vegas :

How to get around

Many readers recommend Uber and Lyft over local taxis. Others offer public transport:

If you choose the monorail, here is the map:

Reader Roboitt says limousines are great (and cheap) for groups:

If you’re traveling to Vegas for a conference or group, try a limousine service. Limousines are regulated at $ 80 an hour for standard limousines and can hold up to 8. So if 8 people share the limo, you pay $ 10 each and the driver will provide you with an hour tour. We did this a couple of times while I was talking there and our driver took us to a bunch of cool wilderness places. Including the Pawn Stars store. We drove through the wedding chapel and even managed to pass by, as the volcano near the Mirage went out! That was great to spend $ 10!

Travel hacking starts as soon as you buy your ticket to the city. If you are coming from the East Coast damnthisburnershitsux recommends flying on the last flight, especially the night before the conference (a common reason to visit Vegas). They enjoy arriving at 10:30, trying to upgrade by quitting smoking, eating late and going to bed around 1am, which will feel like 4am, so as not to wake them up due to jet lag. Dawn.

Be prepared to walk a lot, especially inside the casino, says the damned predator :

Bring running shoes, it might be a block from where you are and where you are going, but it will be a mile through the casino. I usually do 20,000 steps a day at conferences, and I’ve learned to just wear sneakers all the time.

Freebies and discounts

You can get upgrades, bonuses and discounts everywhere in Vegas, where the usual laws of supply and demand on vacation are violated by the prospect of you putting all your money back in town again.

Many commentators have recommended tipping hotel staff for room upgrades:

According to many commentators, the best time to tip is when you give away your ID and credit card. Just put twenty in one handful.

The old $ 20 tip is also suitable for up-grading live performance seats:

CorBrie advises buying circus tickets online. “ALWAYS visit the MGM or Cirque website. They always have online offers, usually 2 to 1. “

Also, tip the dealers, says John Miller’s right testicle (God, people!). “There is no rule that you should do this, but it is considered bad form not to share a portion of your income if you have made a huge profit. At least 5% is considered good form. “

And every time you think you can get a comp, just ask and lubricate the wheels:

It’s the same with finding activities and places to eat. Ask your Uber driver, ask your concierge, ask your bartender.

BabylonSlim has some tips for high rollers . For example: “If you are going to gamble, visit the VIP customer service counter at the hotel to negotiate a discount on your losses.” (If not, Slim says, try the dime roulette at El Cortez.)

“If you gamble,” says Zfer , “sign up for a player card on Day 1. (Most seasoned Vegas fans know this). If you even remotely think that you plan to return to Vegas later, it will also pay off with discounts on rooms and resort credits. “

“Always, always, always get your player card,” agrees John Miller ‘s Right Testicle (I hate you so much). “This is how the hotel keeps track of how much you spend, so they know they have bonuses to offer.”

These cards also bring in some free money, says KevinNeedsThisForReasons : “If you’re new to the game, an easy way to play for free is to join the casino bonus card, you usually get $ 10 on slot machines. Or play in the morning, the minimum table bets are usually lower when the table is slow and the dealers can help you learn the game. “

To save on group costs, ditch hotels in favor of Airbnb and make yourself breakfast and lunch:

Here’s one risky snack trick for the thrifty slots player:

And if you’re willing to risk getting into an awkward position, John Miller et al. Suggests sneaking into the VIP room:

If you know where to find them, most hotels offer free food and drinks in the VIP check-in lounges. Some require a number card to enter, some do not. In the first case, you’re out of luck, but in the second, just act like you belong to him, and be prepared to say “oh, thanks for letting me know” if asked.

Get out of town

“Vegas is the center of the desert,” says Drob . “Use this to research. Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, hot springs, and even Springs Wildlife Sanctuary are all fun. Next time we head to Vegas, we will take an overnight trip to the Grand Canyon. Seriously, pick a direction and go. “

CorBrie lists a few really good holes in the ground: “Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Zion and Bryce Canyon.”

Or, says David , “get high”: “Mt. Charleston is about 45 minutes north on Highway 95. Great views, a couple of nice lodges, much cooler in summer than the valley, and a chance to play in the snow in winter. “

“I go to work conferences almost every year,” adds damnthisburnershitsux . “Last spring, my wife flew away on the last day, and we rented a car and spent 6 days in South Utah, Zion 2.5 hours, Bryce another hour, Capital Reef a little more, and then we went back the same way.”

Visit several unique museums and learn about the beginning of the end of the world:

Read the source thread for more tips and post yours below. Next week, we’ll get your advice on a diverse metropolis known mostly for corrupt old white people. This does not narrow the range of issues too much, yes.


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