Line the Trash Can With Newspaper to Keep Drips From Accumulating

Considering the fact that I have to carry kitchen trash down two flights of stairs and down the hallway, I don’t skimp on trash bags. But it looks like, no matter how “good” these bags are, there is always a damp, smelly stain on the bottom of my bin.

It probably has more to do with environmental moisture trapped by the bag than leaks, but it’s still very annoying. Fortunately, these problems are fairly easy to fix. As Reddit user randomusefulbits points out , all you need is an old newspaper. Simply place the newspaper at the bottom of the basket – the random useful bits will fit your newspaper inside the bag, but you can also put it on the outside – and discard the trash as usual. Note that the paper will only absorb the slight moisture produced by wet food, not a pint of beer or a cup of soup; drain it down the sink.


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