Rejoice Rick & Morty Fans: Sichuan Sauce Is Back at McDonald’s for Just One Day

If you are a Rick & Morty fan or a connoisseur of discontinued McNugget sauces, I have good news for you. This Saturday, October 7th, you can finally get your Mulan-style dipping sauce. (Obviously, as long as stock is available.)

If you don’t know how all the sauces of Rick and Morty , Mulan and McNugget compare, this is due to the teaser premiere of the show that aired back in April , in which we learn that the sweet and sour dipper belongs to Rick. the driving force, his “one-armed man,” if you will.

McDonald’s has given out three huge bottles of the product to some very lucky Twitter users, but it looks like it was the last of their stock. (When I, a very important Internet person, asked for a sample, I was told that the sauce was “stuck in 1998”). But now he’s back as part of an effort to promote new products for making buttermilk crisp, and you can make it yours.

McDonald’s not all institutions have widely discussed seasonings, so be sure to look at the info page , where exactly specified , where you need to go to get the goods. (There will also be posters on the subject of sauces if you like that sort of thing.) If you don’t get to the place before they run out, don’t worry; You can do it yourself at home and it’s pretty darn good.


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