How to Eat Liquid Egg Yolks Without Bread

Whether light, soft-boiled, lightly fried or poached, eggs with runny yolk are some of the easiest and most delicious dishes in the world. But with so many ways to cook an egg, we can often resort to one way to enjoy that yolk: bread.

Yes, buttered toast soaked in runny yolks for good reason. It’s tasty. But there are many reasons to expand, for health or variety, and there are many other ways to enjoy liquid yolks.

Mandatory Disclaimer: Eating raw or undercooked eggs can increase your risk of foodborne illness. Ok, let’s move on!

Recipes are great for quitting the egg-eating habit. While eggs and buttered toast are just a wealth of flavors, these recipes balance egg yolks with a bold, cool flavor and a hint of citrus. Fried Eggs in Olive Oil with Yogurt and Lemon by Julia Turschen of Food 52 require a lemon yogurt base to be used with scrambled eggs. These Vietnamese Fried Eggs from Food & Wine require eggs that are mostly cooked in oil and served on top of a Vietnamese herb salad.

But the beauty of eggs is that you don’t need a recipe to make them. One of the best ways to make a soft-fried or soft-boiled egg is to place it in a bowl of something – when you cut the egg, the yolk mixes, adding a rich and savory sauce. I’ve enjoyed eggs and risotto, fried potatoes, spinach with cream, stews – it’s hardly an exhaustive list, but it’s a starting point.

Soft eggs are also great for just about any leftover. I love eggs over leftover Indian food like saag panir. My husband bakes eggs with leftover pasta (tomato sauce, cheese, and everything else) until the whites are hard and the yolks are tender. You can reheat the leftover pizza in a hot oven with a cracked egg on top. (Wait for the pizza to heat up before adding the egg.)

Finally, especially with the approaching cold and cold weather, do not forget about the soup. You can boil the eggs right in the broth on the stove – and since you eat it all together, you don’t have to worry about your poached eggs beautiful or even whole. When you cut the eggs, a strip of yolk passes through the broth. You will not miss a single toast.


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