Your Best Weird Eating Habits, Protecting Online Accounts From Dubious Apps, and Appealing to Conspiracy Theories

This week, we revealed that our favorite fancy food mixes – like Doritos peanut butter sandwiches and butter ramen – have secured our online accounts by removing access to shady apps, investigated the implications of Trump’s tax plan, and more. Here’s another look at this week’s top trending posts.

We’ve tried your secret, somewhat embarrassing food mixes

Remember a few weeks ago I asked you all about your weirdest, slightly embarrassing, secret eating habits ? It turns out that you humans, trash bag geniuses, were able to open my eyes to exciting new ways to eat macaroni and cheese, instant ramen and spam.

Beware of These Dangerous Cocktail Ingredients When Going To Drink

While cocktails aren’t exactly healthy ( alcohol is a toxin after all), some drinks can be more dangerous than others. These risky cocktail ingredients can be found all over the place in bars.

What to Expect After Rectal Diastasis Surgery (Postpartum Dog)

Of all the physical humiliations associated with having a baby – childbirth, breastfeeding, mesh panties that made me feel like a huge injured sea creature caught in a tiny net – the postpartum dog in my belly is one of the worst.

How to protect your online accounts by revoking access for third-party apps

From time to time , an app such as has come under the spotlight to remind us that we all tend to give multiple apps access to our email and social media accounts without much hesitation. Sometimes, as with, these apps sell our data. Now is a good time to audit any other third-party apps that you have granted access to your accounts.

Go ahead, have a fourth cup of coffee

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get through the workday, here’s some good news. A new scientific review of the safety of caffeine says that drinking up to four cups of coffee, or about 400 milligrams of caffeine, is fairly safe.

What Trump’s Tax Plan Proposes And Who Will Benefit Most From It

We’ve told you what to expect from Trump’s tax plan released this Wednesday. Although not very detailed, the plan more or less includes what everyone expected . Here’s a breakdown of who will benefit the most.

Kitchen for adults: how to calculate the cooking time so that everything is ready right away

When preparing a “square” dish – you know, this one with protein and at least two sides – I rarely struggle with the preparation itself. I can cook chicken, mash potatoes, and fry a baking sheet of broccoli without any problems, but keeping track of the time so that everything is on the table at the same time – hot and ready – is what gives me trouble.

New FCC plan lifts grid neutrality and bets on free market

FCC Chairman Ajit Pye today outlined his new plan to ease the FCC’s oversight of Internet service providers. As expected, his dream plan effectively kills many ideas of net neutrality .

How to actually enjoy the painful pleasure of spicy foods

Spicy foods are the best food , but despite the painful capsaicinoids, bloating from drinking too much water, and the inevitable sweating, spicy foods can also cause discomfort. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the spice without bloating, sweating, or tears.

Hotel chains with the best customer satisfaction ratings

When choosing a hotel, in addition to price, it is important to consider amenities, hospitality and quality. These brands and chains are the hotels with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in 2017.

Why are conspiracy theories so attractive

Put on your tinfoil hat, cover your webcam with a piece of duct tape, and wait for the imminent arrival of the lizard people because it’s time for some conspiracy theories. More than half of American adults believe in at least one wacky theory, but why are these absurd and complex ideas so attractive?

Why does every car infotainment system look so terrible?

User interface design is difficult, but over the years we have improved to the point where even the thermostat is easy to use. However, automakers seem to be confused, taking inspiration from their infotainment console designs from old Winamp skins rather than any modern interface.

How long do some drugs actually stay in your body?

We are not encouraging anyone to use drugs, but we are also not going to pretend that our readers are not doing anything. If you do this and need to get a drug test to work, for example, it can be helpful to know how long certain drugs stay in the places they are most likely to test: in your urine, blood, and hair follicles.

What Lethal Injectables Really Do

The drugs used in lethal injection were not intended to kill people, and they are on the market today for their medicinal uses. Pharmaceutical companies don’t allow them to be used for executions, but Arkansas got them anyway. Here’s what the three drugs in the state’s lethal injection cocktail actually do.


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