Google Trips Has Been Updated to Make Travel Planning Even More Convenient

Last year I wrote and downloaded Google Trips just to try it out, and now I use it as a kind of travel app. It’s simple and helps you manage your entire trip from start to finish. It was missing a few key features, but Google just updated the app to make it even more useful.

Here are some of the new features you can expect in the latest update released today:

Share your bookings: You can now easily share your booking details with someone else. Just click the arrow button in Google Trips.

Train or bus reservations will also be added : With the update, all your train and bus reservations will be automatically organized along with your other travel reservations, including flight, hotel, car and restaurant confirmation. While it is in your email, it should be added automatically.

You can make last minute changes : They’ve also added a feature that lets you add updates for flights, hotels, cars, and restaurants bookings, even if you don’t have an email confirmation. You can also simply add notes to your bookings.

You can read more about Google Trips here . To download it for yourself, follow the links below.

Google Trips | Android

Google Trips | iOS


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