Adult Cooking: What Basic Cooking Skills Would You Like to Learn?

Feeding oneself is a very important part of an adult’s life, but there are many competent adults who don’t know how to fry eggs. Likewise, I know some people who are successful in one area of ​​cooking, such as baking, but are completely confused by other culinary pursuits, such as grilling.

Aptly titled “Kitchen for Adults,” this column will try to answer your most basic cooking questions and fill in any gaps that may be missing from your home chef education. However, before I can fill in those gaps, I need to know what they are, so please feel free to ask questions in the comments. If you need hints to get started, I have a few:

  • What is ru, how to prepare it and how dark should it be?
  • Do I really need to salt my food – meat, onions, pasta water – before I cook it? Why?
  • How (and why) to gouge a chicken breast? Do you need to use a hammer? (This question was asked by our editor-in-chief.)
  • How to bake potatoes? (My ex-husband never found out.)
  • Do I need a non-stick frying pan?
  • How to cook rice without a rice cooker?
  • How to make a sauce for a skillet?

There really are no silly questions in this column because cooking is a vast and complex topic, so feel free to. And don’t be a jerk. We are all here to learn, and any mockery of another reader’s question will block you.


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