This Tool Makes It Easy to Create Interactive Simulations

Whether you’re working on a large presentation for work or school, interactive visuals always help grab your audience’s attention. Loopy, a free modeling tool, is perfect for this.

Trying to explain complex systems or feedback loops of any type – economic, political, social, environmental, etc. – is always easier with a visual aid. But you no longer need complicated software to create such visuals. Loopy from developer Nicky Case lets you draw with your mouse in MS Paint style in your browser. In just a few seconds, you can create a complex simulation loop filled with I / O nodes using only an over-rough sketch.

Once you’ve drawn your nodes, you can mark each one, connect them with a “+” or “-” relationship line, and add text around everything to explain what’s going on. If you hover over a node, you can click to increase or decrease the number of arrows moving through your loop, changing the simulation on the fly. The animation above shows how this works. In this case, the more rabbits there are in the wild, the more foxes there can be. And more foxes – fewer rabbits. But this is just a very simple example of what you can do with this tool. When your modeling is complete, you can share the system model with a link, or embed them in websites.

You can also just use Loopy for fun, for example with this systematic approach to my performance:

You can read more and try Loopy here . Now, excuse me, I need more coffee.


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