How to Integrate Nature Into Everyday Life When You Live in the City

If you’ve ever walked to relieve stress, you know the powerful effect going outside can have in making you feel refreshed mentally, emotionally, and physically. But if you live in a busy city, finding nature to help you rejuvenate can be a challenge.

In addition to the fresh air and exercise that you get from getting to know nature, you can also increase your productivity and creativity. It can also help you manage smog and air pollution in your city . Even if you have a busy schedule or live in an urban environment, you can still integrate nature into your daily life.

  • Find green spaces. It will be easier to spend more time in nature if you know where to find places with grass, flowers, trees, and even some animals to enjoy outdoors. Explore your area for green spaces that you can go outside without any problems. For me, it’s a tiny tiny park a couple of blocks from my apartment. It’s not the nicest park in town, but it’s close by and it’s a good place to go when I want to read in the grass.
  • Look for places near your job . See if there are any parks or even rooftop gardens near your office so you can immerse yourself in nature during your lunch break.
  • Add nature to your trips . If there are parks or other green spaces near you, alter your route slightly to walk or cycle. If you use public transportation, consider if you can walk part of the way and take a later stop to spend some time outdoors. If you drive a car, you’d better try the other suggestions on this list.
  • Look for great natural spots. Many cities have at least one large park, or you can also look for arboretums, conservatories, and botanical gardens. These places are great because you can literally get some space between you and the streets of the city.
  • Go digital . Even simply adding beautiful nature to the background of your phone or computer can have a calming effect. You can also try listening to nature trails while you work or when you are out in the local green spaces (to drown out the noise of passing cars or honking horns).

Even if you live in a large, sprawling city, chances are you have important natural spots within a few hours’ drive (or even by bus or train). Plan to visit more remote locations outdoors at least once a month to fully immerse yourself in nature.


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