Instagram Adds Collections to Help Organize Bookmarked Posts

If you save a lot of posts using Instagram’s bookmarking feature, you’ve probably lamented the fact that these bookmarked posts just pile up in an unorganized list. Instagram today announced that it is rolling out a facility to actually organize these posts.

Instagram introduced the bookmarking feature a while ago, but has not been able to include any means for organizing those bookmarks. So they add collections. If you want to create a collection, go to your saved posts (bookmarks tab on your profile page), then click the “+” button. To send a message to a specific collection, press and hold the bookmark icon, then you can select the collection you want to send it to.

If this all sounds a hell of a lot like Pinterest, you’re right, it’s basically identical to Pinterest, except that all of your collections are private. This feature will be available for Android and iPhone this week.

Introducing New Ways to Organize Stored Messages | Instagram


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