Bridging Micro Gaps, Windows 10 Creators Update, Free VPNs in the Cloud, and MOAB Value

This week we covered all the cool stuff in the new Windows 10 Creators Update, built our own VPNs using the cloud, explained every horrific weapon we’ve heard of, and learned how to bridge small gaps. Let’s take a look at the most popular posts of this week.

All the coolest new features in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is doing everything it can to generate interest in the relatively mundane Windows update experience. However, today’s release – Creators Update – is a little more fun than regular system tweaks. Is its hilarious name worth it? Maybe if you are a fan of MS Paint.

How to set up your own completely free VPN in the cloud

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to increase the security of your browsing as well as prevent surveillance ( including your ISP ), but VPN providers are notoriously sketchy . You could do a little research to find a good one. Or you can make your own in about 10 minutes.

Don’t buy women’s t-shirts – buy men’s shirts and sew them

I’ve been a “capsule wardrobe” since, hmmm, childhood, back when it was just called “not having a lot of clothes.” I’ve always loved T-shirts and jeans, and in the summer I switch to T-shirts and skirts. So it’s time to stock up.

How to enable YouTube secret dark mode in Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome 57 or higher, it turns out there is a hidden dark mode. Reddit user _paul- found a menu that can be turned on by quickly navigating to the console menu.

These six slightly cynical strategies can help bridge the small gap

Whole plots in films are about big, regular, capital B breaks, but not much attention is paid to smaller, seemingly less significant ” micro-breaks ” – a term that Brittany Robinson used to describe the end of what never really was. did not have. …

Believe it or not, the situation with student loans for borrowers has only gotten worse

Last year, the Department of Education and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection published some guidelines to protect student loan borrowers. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sent a letter (PDF) to the Federal Student Aid Bureau yesterday withdrawing some of these guidelines.

The easiest way to build a Raspberry Pi based Amazon Echo

A while ago, we covered in detail how to create your own Amazon Echo device using the Raspberry Pi , but if something goes wrong, you’ll have to manually reboot the whole thing. It was a pain in the ass. There is now an easier way to create your own echo.

Check in early so as not to anger the gods of being dragged off the plane

Airlines have the right to kick you off an overbooked plane even if you paid for your ticket and don’t want to fly. According to United staff, the “computer” chose a man who said he was a doctor and needed to see patients in the morning to be pulled off a flight this weekend. How does the computer know which one to choose? The airline policies provide some clues.

Your guide to all the devastating weapons you hear about on the news

Follow the news and you are guaranteed to hear about conflicts in some part of the world. But there are many terms associated with weapons that are used without explanation, and even public figures have no idea what these weapons do . Here’s everything you need to know about MOAB, Tomahawk missiles, barrel bombs, chemical weapons and more.

How negative thinkers can learn to stop grumbling

Positive thinking has many benefits, from expanding your creativity to improving your health , but if you tend to have more negative views, it can be difficult to see that your glass is half full. Here’s how you can retrain your brain to become a more positive thinker.

How to prevent iMessages from accidentally appearing on other devices

If you have multiple Apple devices, you’ve probably signed in to all of them using your Apple ID. You’ve also probably noticed that when you receive a Facetime call, your computer rings, or when you receive an iMessage, your iPad beeps. For most of us, this is a minor inconvenience that is worth fixing. For others, this is a potential privacy nightmare.

How To Choose The Perfect Shoes For Traveling Around The World

Epic travel requires top-notch shoes that can handle anything. You need shoes that are so comfortable, protective and versatile that you won’t even think about them for the entire trip. Here’s what you need to know before you travel.

Ode to the Dead iMac

A couple of weeks ago, I had to put my eight-year-old iMac to rest. After many years of faithful service, he finally died and was beyond repair. I don’t like buying new computers and I don’t like spending money on them. For me, buying a new computer is as exciting as buying a new dryer.

Two weeks of this workout brought me closer to the perfect pull-up.

I did that chin-up routine that we published two weeks ago, and you know what? It works . In the beginning, I could do about half of the pull-ups, but now I can pull my nose up to the bar. I’ve also more than doubled the amount of time I can hang from the bar with my arms bent. This is how I did it.


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