How to Get Through European Customs As Quickly As Possible

You’ve probably heard of Global Entry as a faster way to clear customs , but of course it only works when you return to the US. Fortunately, the US – not the only country with a program aimed at speeding up customs clearance – also exists in some European countries.

Given that tourism is an important industry for many European countries, they want to make your visit as easy as possible. Here are the countries that Americans usually go to, which have programs similar to Global Entry so you can go through customs and research your destination.

  • United Kingdom : To be eligible for the Registered Traveler Program, you must have a visa or have visited the UK at least four times in the past two years. The program has an application fee of £ 70 (about $ 87) and an annual renewal fee of £ 50 (about $ 62).
  • Germany : EasyPASS is free, but you check in at a German airport, not in advance.
  • Netherlands : If you are already a Global Entry member, you can apply for the Privium program to speed up your entry. Participation in the program costs $ 130 per year.

While these programs are available, most of them are quite expensive, so they are only really worth it if you plan to visit the country again in the near future, or will often drive through this country to get to another part of Europe. If you are not participating in one of these programs, or the European country you are traveling to does not have an expedited entry program, the best way to speed up customs is to arm yourself with all the information you need. you need to fill out the paperwork when you arrive

  • The address (s) and telephone number (s) of where you are staying.
  • How long is your stay?
  • What you are carrying may need to be declared (for example, large amounts of cash or non-local products).

Ask the flight attendant on the plane for a customs form so you can fill it out early and queue immediately upon arrival at customs.


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