You Think Pineapple and Cinnamon Are a Terrible Combination, but You’re Wrong.

Pineapple and cinnamon sounds like they don’t go well together, right? One is tropically sweet and the other is spicy. But I experimented with the leftovers and found the combination to be surprisingly tasty.

I was looking for a way to cook leftover pineapple and found a recipe for fried pineapple topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. It sounded a little odd, but there was little risk to try, so I did. Guys, that was so good. The first bite was not what I expected, forward on cinnamon with a pineapple flavor at the end, but I couldn’t stop eating them once I started. I just had to leave the kitchen so as not to eat half of the pineapple on my own. It turns out that this combination is common in Brazilian cuisine.

I recommend not only trying this as an even sweeter way to enjoy pineapple, but tossing it in a roast. My boyfriend did it with the last couple of chunks and it added some serious depth to the dish. The brown sugar in the skillet caramelized and the cinnamon bloomed. The taste reminded me of the Chinese Five Spice Powder , which took fried rice to the next level.


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