You Can Probably File Your Tax Return for Free

You can file federal taxes using the free file software if your income is less than $ 64,000. However, most people don’t know this: according to Consumerist, only about three percent of eligible applicants enjoy this benefit .

The IRS also provides free fill-out forms for everyone, regardless of income. With them, no one will help you figure out what numbers to put in the fields (you just have the instructions attached to this form), but you can still submit online without paying anyone a dime.

Obviously, if your tax situation is difficult, you should seek the advice of a professional or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) service . You can qualify for VITA if your income is less than US $ 54,000, or if you are disabled or have poor English skills.

When it comes to government taxes, many states also allow you to file online for free. Here’s a breakdown , but always double check your state’s tax office website. Some only offer free signup on a certain income, while others (including my home state of Pennsylvania, as well as New York and California) allow anyone to use their free electronic filesystems.


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