This One-Minute Video Shows You How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop.

GIFs are fun , and if you’re an artist it’s easy enough to turn your art into short animations in Photoshop. This quick tutorial from Adobe shows you how.

Adobe has a series of quick tutorials that teach you some of the basic Photoshop tricks. In this, you basically create a series of your drawings as layers. Then import them into one Photoshop document. From there go to Window> Timeline and select Create Frame Animation. From there, you create frames from layers, set the animation loop to eternity, and export as GIF.

It is much easier to see how this is done in video, however, and this tutorial greatly simplifies the whole process. Check it out above and then follow the link below to see all of their one-minute guides.

Do it now | Adobe (YouTube) via PetaPixel


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