If You Want a Free Checkout, Try a Credit Union

If you are still paying with your checking account, it might be time to change your bank . Or better yet, try a credit union. According to a recent survey by Bankrate, you might be more fortunate.

A Bankrate study found that 84% of credit union checking accounts do not have a monthly service fee. What’s more, when they come with payment, it’s pretty easy to avoid. Bank rate reported:

The survey found that the vast majority of stand-alone checking accounts in credit unions – 98% – are either free or very close to it.

This means that credit union accounts that have commissions allow you to avoid those monthly payments if you meet certain criteria, such as having a companion account, subscribing to a direct deposit, or maintaining a certain amount of transactional activity.

Contrary to popular belief , credit unions do not always have limited membership and are not always inconvenient. Many of them now offer online banking (hmm, credit unions?) And come with an app that you can download to the bank from your phone. For more information on the Bankrate review, follow the link below. And check out our guide on how to choose a bank or credit union you can trust.

Want a free check? Most likely, the nearest credit union has it | Bank rate


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