Key Keys to Making the Perfect Sushi Rice

Rice is the most important component of sushi. In fact, the word “sushi” refers to the vinegar-infused rice used in Japanese dishes. If you want to make decent sushi at home, you need to know how to make rice first.

Inthis video from the YouTube channel ChefSteps , Chef Taichi Kitamura from Sushi Kappo Tamura demonstrates the best way to cook and process rice. First, make sure you are working with short grain sushi rice. Each grain is smaller, thicker, and stickier than regular rice. And make sure you are using a rice cooker. You can cook rice in other ways, but rice cookers cook all the grains evenly.

When you’re ready to cook, start by rinsing the rice in cold water until you’ve removed all the starch and the water is clear. Then, soak the rice in the correct amount of water – according to the rice cooker’s instructions – for 15 minutes. This will prevent the rice from expanding too quickly and making it soft. While it’s cooking, make the shariza seasoning using nine parts rice vinegar, four parts sugar, and one part salt. Cook the mixture over medium heat until it dissolves. When the rice is cooked, pour it into a bowl, remove the crunchy bottom layer and poke through the rice with a spatula. Now pour in the shariza, one ounce of the seasoning for each cup of cooked rice, and stir. Moistening the paddle with a damp washcloth will help prevent the rice from sticking. When everything is mixed, stir any random grains in a bowl and cover the rice with a damp towel until you are ready to use it .


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