5 Things to Do in Los Angeles Every Day

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are visiting and looking for something to do, 5 Every Day is a great app that lives up to its name. All he does is recommends five fun things you can do in Los Angeles every day of the week.

Offers range from exhibitions to gallery openings and places to eat. It’s like having a great friend who always seems to be aware of a new bar that opens even before it has a Yelp page. Today, for example, they recommend holding a new exhibit opening event at the California African American Museum . Or you can drop by a little-known Korean grocery stall called Nabi behind the counters at Union Discounts Swapmeet in East Hollywood. You can also see at a glance which events are free and the distance to them; I’m currently 2,452 miles from this food stall, but hey, this is something to keep in mind the next time I’m in town.

5 Every Day is a project by the music and art duo known as YACHT , oddly enough, together with the design studio Public-Library , and all suggestions come from their Los Angeles-based artist and design circles. This app is for iOS, but you can also use it on Android via the web version .

5 Every day | ITunes App Store via Recomendo


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