Do Mini Squats to Develop Serious Sprint and Jump Strength

You’ve probably been told a million times that squats don’t count unless your hips are parallel to the floor or deeper. But it turns out that the opposite – tiny “quarter” squats, in which you only move a few inches – can have big benefits.

To be clear, full squats are still a great way to strengthen your legs, and if you’re new to strength training you should be doing (or working on) full squats. But if you need extra momentum to help you build explosive sprint strength, here’s where quarter squats work best.

In the quarter squat, since you only drop one quarter, you can load more weight on the bar (or, as shown in the link below, on the belt) than you would be able to handle on a full squat. You also give your muscles a lot of practice by working diligently with your legs stretched out in the position they will be in when you run. Bottom line: Don’t expect one type of squat to cover all of your bases. Sometimes a more specialized trick is what you need for an added advantage.

Quarter Squats Are Your Secret Weapon For Faster Runs And Higher Jumps | Heap


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