All Credit Card Companies That Offer Free Access to Your Credit Score

There are many ways to get a credit score for free. Services such as CreditKarma , for example, offer a free overview of your rating and the factors that may affect it. Some credit card issuers offer this too. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has reached out to companies to find out which ones are offering this bonus.

CFPB is one of the best consumer resources available . In addition to financial literacy tools and a huge database of customer complaints from banks and credit unions , they now have a list of credit card companies that give you free access to your assessment.

CFPB explains:

We have contacted companies that offer at least some of their customers free access to credit ratings by posting a comment notice on the public Federal Register website. This list is based on voluntary responses to this notice. Only credit card issuers that have responded to this Federal Register notice are included in the list, but other issuers may offer this service as well.

For each company, they include a link that gives you more details, including which version of your rating they are using, how often it is available, and whether they provide it to the general public or just customers. Some of them on their list include:

Find out more about the list here , then check it out in full at the link below.

Where to Find Free Access to Credit Ratings (PDF) | CFPB


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