Three Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence seems like an elusive quality that some people just have and others don’t. In truth, anyone can get some work done and increase their confidence, but it doesn’t happen overnight. This TED-Ed video explains where confidence comes from and three tips for feeling more confident.

Several factors can determine someone’s confidence, including genes, environment, and the choices they make in life. Choice is what we control. In this video, you will learn that you can increase your confidence by:

1. Visualize your success. Faith is powerful. When in doubt, try listening to music with deep bass or powerful poses to simulate a little more confidence and keep pushing yourself through your doubts.

2. Understanding the “growth” mindset. When you believe that your abilities and skills can develop and improve with additional, diligent practice, you have a “growth” mindset. This is important because it affects how you react to problems and setbacks. If you had a “fixed” mindset, you might just give up.

3. Admit that you will make mistakes. Everyone stumbles and falls facedown. Rarely does someone “get it right” the first time. It is much more important that you have the will to get up and try again to keep striving for better and better results.

All of this together means that you become more confident in yourself and as a person. Watch the video for more inspiration.

3 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence | TED-Ed


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