Autosave Digit Now Helps You Save Money to Pay Bills

Digit is one of our favorite money saving apps . It analyzes your bank accounts to figure out how much money you can afford to save, and then saves that money for you. Digit is now taking automation a step further to help you save money to pay bills.

Digit introduced a new Bills feature this week. When you refresh and open the app, you will see text that briefly explains the change:

“Now you can save on any of your monthly expenses (like rent, cell phone or car) by sending me a ‘New invoice’ message.”

Digit will then ask you several billing questions, including the amount and due date. Digit will start saving this account within a month, and two days before paying it, it will automatically send the money back to your checking account.

Digit isn’t going to pay for you – it’s up to you. But it’s a great feature to make sure you actually have money on hold for your bills, so you don’t have to worry about late fees or overdraft fees. If you are having problems with spending, this is very helpful.

To get started, follow the links below.

Digit | Apple Store

Digit | Google games


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