Make Me a Cocktail Offers Drink Recipes Based on the Ingredients You Have in Your Home

Let’s say you want a drink but don’t know what to make out of all the half-empty bottles of booze you have lying around. The Make a Cocktail recipe site has a fun tool that shows you what you can cook based on the ingredients you already have.

The tool is similar to the booze of the popular Supercook recipe app. You load the ingredients you have – vodka, bourbon, orange juice, and more – and the tool makes a list of cocktail recipes based on those ingredients. You can filter hot and classic drinks, and save your favorites. Each recipe comes with some important little information, including the rating and the type of glass you should use.

We’ve written about a similar tool, but Make a Cocktail is available online, not just for iOS, plus it gives you a little more information about each drink. See for yourself using the link below.

My bar | Make me a cocktail


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