Starwood Privileged Guest Card Just Increased Their Sign up Bonus

The AmEx Starwood credit card is popular with travel enthusiasts . If you’ve been thinking about signing up, they’ve just increased their bonus to 35,000 new member points by April 5th.

We mention this caveat in almost every post on credit card rewards, but it’s very important: you should only use credit cards for rewards when you planned to spend the money anyway . Revolving debt on the card kills the idea of ​​reward and can also ruin your finances.

However, if you play the game responsibly, the credit card rewards can be great. Most travel hackers get free flights using check-in bonuses. The Starwood Preferred Guest card has always had a decent bonus, but they just increased the points awarded. Here’s how:

New card members will receive 25,000 Starpoints after using their new card to make $ 3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months.

New card members will receive an additional 10,000 Starpoints upon additional purchases of $ 2,000 in the first 6 months.

These are $ 5,000 purchases in six months. Generally speaking, one way to make sure you hit the bonus threshold of any credit card is to time your app for a major purchase like a wedding or kitchen remodel. You are going to spend money anyway, so now is a good time to score points. (This can be a little tricky with this card, however, as the offer is valid until April 5.)

Of course, you have to make sure you have the cash to pay off your card in full and on time, otherwise, again, you just accumulate debt and this negates any rewards.

To view the offer, follow the link below.

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card


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