A Generic Kernel Manager Customizes Your Android System With Relative Ease

Android: The kernel in your operating system handles many low-level tasks such as controlling the speed of your processor. Most users will never want to touch this, but if you’re setting up and looking to overclock your phone, the Universal Kernel Manager can prove to be a huge help.

An application created by XDA user apb_axel is designed to optimize the init.d script configuration for different kernels. If you like testing different kernels to see which ones work best for your phone, UKM can make switching between them a lot easier. You also need Synapse to work . The app was originally developed for OnePlus devices, but has now been released for everyone. Keep in mind that if you are unfamiliar with modifying the kernel, it is probably best to avoid it until you have done a fair bit of research.

Synapse + Script => Universal Kernel Manager v3.8.1 | XDA via XDA


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