Choose the Best Brownie Mix No Matter Which Brownie You Like

There are two types of cake lovers: those who like sweet cakes and those who prefer more brownies. It can be tricky to say what’s what when choosing a blend, but The Kitchn has checked many boxes to find the best brownie for every taste.

Click the link below to read their full review (including their gluten-free selection), but these were the sweetest and quirkiest suggestions:

  • Best cakes with fondant: a mixture of sweet cakes with Betty Crocker. Although there were no liquid chocolate additions in this box, the cakes “baked more than the other two brands that included chocolate additions.”
  • Best Cakes: Nestle Toll House Cakes and Chocolate Baking Mix. These babies “give birth exclusively on chocolate flavor and delicate crumb” and will look even more like cake when sprinkled with icing or ganache.

Regardless of which box you bring with you, be sure to serve it with a large glass of cold milk. Milk is non-negotiable.

The best brownie mix for every taste | Kitchen


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