Since You Are Staying You Can Book Hotels by the Hour so You Can Check-in at Any Time

iOS / Android: Most hotels have standard check-in and check-out times. Working during these hours can be frustrating if you have red eyes and arrive very early in the city. As You Stay is a free app that works with hotels, so you can book rooms for several hours at a time.

Say, for example, your flight to Boston arrives at 5 a.m. but the hotel you are looking for does not check in until 3 p.m. Typically, you either pay for the previous day to check in, or which is a waste of money, otherwise you’ll just hang around all day until you can check into your room. As You Stay aims to solve this problem by booking rooms by the hour. Prices are based on the number of hours of your stay, so you are not limited by the hotel’s standard check-in and check-out times.

The application interface is similar to HotelTonight . You choose your destination, travel dates and time frames, and the app finds several hotels that can accommodate you, as well as the total cost. Clicking on a hotel will give you detailed information on amenities, maps and more.

It is also similar to HotelTonight in that it deals with hotels with unused inventory. Hotels don’t fill these rooms anyway, so they are willing to shorten the hours to accommodate guests. As The Points Guy points out , most of these hotels are small boutique hotels, but there are several larger chains such as the Hilton and Marriott.

To try the app for yourself, follow the links below.

How do you stay | Apple Store

How do you stay | Google games


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