Focus on Cleaning up These Places When You Have the Last Guests

If you have last minute guests, you may also be concerned about the idea of cleaning up your entire house at the last minute . Here’s the idea: don’t. As Apartment Therapy points out, only three areas need to be cleaned to make your space look presentable.

Apartment Therapy is a good excuse to clean up only the following things before impromptu guests arrive: toilet, glassware and sofa. After all, your guests will most likely be using the bathroom, so it’s worth a quick wipe down. Then, make sure there is no clutter or pet hair on the couch so that your guests have a comfortable seating area, and of course, you need clean glassware for pouring drinks.

Obviously, this is general advice and your own priorities may differ slightly. For example, a toilet drawer is the first thing I think about when I know people are coming up. However, this is good general advice and the full text is worth checking out at the link below.

Only Three Things You Need To Clear Before People Arrive | Apartment therapy


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