Eliminate Phone Anxiety With Cognitive Restructuring and Specific Goals

If talking to people on the phone makes you anxious or tense every time the phone rings, psychologists recommend that you try a few things.

For some of us, talking on the phone can be more stressful than talking to people face to face. You do not have visual cues to help you determine what the other person is thinking, you feel like you are interrupting someone’s day and wasting their time, and you know that you will be in the center of their attention during the conversation. To combat this anxiety, Alexander Quinn , a clinical psychologist who studies anxiety disorders at Tufts University, suggests that you try “cognitive restructuring” or change your mind about phone calls. For example, if you’re worried about bothering someone, tell yourself that he won’t answer if he doesn’t have time to talk. If you’re afraid you’re confused about your words, tell yourself that you’re not the only person they’ll talk to who made a verbal mistake that day. Remember, people are more worried about themselves .

It’s also a good idea to set specific goals for each call. Alison Papadakis , professor of clinical psychology at Johns Hopkins University, recommends goals such as staying on line for five full minutes. The main thing is that your goals are measurable. Start small and work your way towards big goals. If you would like to find out more about the reasons for telephone concerns, please visit the link below.

Psychologists Explain Your Telephone Anxiety (And How To Deal With It) | Science about us


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