Improve Your Homemade Salads by Chilling Your Plate

Nobody likes a warm, wilted salad. If you want homemade salads to be as fresh and refreshing as in a restaurant, try this trick.

The heat will ruin the salad. This is why Brittany Burke of The Kitchn advises you to chill your plates before you cook them. Drop them in the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving, or if you’re short on time, put them in the freezer for as long as you have. Your salad will stay crispy and not soggy as soon as you add your favorite dressing . This is especially helpful if you’re adding protein to your salad and don’t have time to chill the meat before tossing it. This still warm chicken breast won’t wither the salad any faster.

Do It For The Best Iceberg Salad | Kitchen


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