Opt Out of Collecting Data on Your Smart TV

Vizio recently had trouble collecting TV consumer data that opted out. An interesting question arises: can my TV collect and transmit my data? Yes, in the settings of most smart TVs, this option is hidden as “viewing information” or “online advertising”. If you don’t want to be tracked, opt out.

Consumer Reports has helpful guidance on how to do this depending on your TV brand. For example, with Vizio models, you need to do the following:

Almost all new Vizio TVs now use Google’s SmartCast system . To turn off Intelligent Interactivity, open the Vizio app on your mobile device, find Settings and tap Reset & Admin. You can now use the on-screen slider button to disable this feature.

Older models as well as newer D-series kits use a platform called Vizio Internet Apps (VIA). Go to system settings. From the menu titled Reset & Admin, highlight Intelligent Interactivity and press the right arrow to disable ACR.

On Samsung devices, go to Settings, find Support, and go to Terms and Conditions. From there, you turn off “Internet Ads” and you can deselect the conditions for the following:

  • View information services
  • Voice recognition services
  • Nuance privacy and voice recognition notices

For more details, navigate to the full Consumer Reports article at the link below.

How to Turn Off Smart TV Tracking Features | Consumer reports


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