No Matter What, Verizon Returns Unlimited Data Starting at $ 80 / Month

You read that correctly, although your skepticism is well founded. Verizon announced over the weekend that it is bringing back the unlimited data plan for $ 80 / month per line. There are, of course, a few asterisks.

The new plan, called Verizon Unlimited, will be offered as a top-tier service, along with limited data plans (which Verizon calls Small, Medium and Large). If you have an outdated unlimited data plan, you shouldn’t be hurt, although as usual, you can probably expect the carrier to eventually try to push you towards that plan.

“Unlimited” data also continues to be misused. If you are using more than 22 GB of data, Verizon may limit your connection. You also get $ 80 / month price just when you subscribe to Autopay. If you don’t, it will cost $ 85 per month. While this includes a $ 20 line add charge, it does not include your phone’s data plan, so if you want to pay monthly to buy a phone , it will cost more. These are pretty important stars, but if you want unlimited data this is still better news than you probably expected from Verizon.

Get the unlimited data online you deserve: Verizon | Verizon via Droid-Life


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